What We Can Do For You

Platinum Research Network provides a streamlined, one-stop shop to a geographic spread of highly-experienced, multi-specialty clinical research teams. Whether you need support with an upcoming or ongoing clinical trial, we are ready to help. PRN provides support to our clients throughout the entire study cycle, from the initial feasibility to the final study close-out visit.


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Platinum Research Network investigators are committed to providing rapid, robust, and reliable feedback for Site Selection and other Feasibility activities. Our sites can operate under a single confidentiality agreement or execute site-level agreements – Your Choice!

Whether you are seeking feasibility feedback for site selection, client proposals, or for general study planning purposes, our investigators and clinical teams are ready to help.

Each PRN Member Company has dedicated feasibility specialists who collate investigator and clinical team feedback across their organization. That information can be reported directly back to the client in a feasibility survey, or collated centrally to provide an over presentation of PRN capabilities.

We operate within your timelines, and aim to answer every question you may have.


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Platinum Research Network sites aim to be your first site ready to enroll clinical trial subjects! Our clinical teams utilize Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) to facilitate organized and timely start-up activities.

Each site has a dedicated regulatory specialist to support the initial regulatory submission, to facilitate approval of advertising materials, and to manage ongoing regulatory activities through study close-out. Our research companies provide electronic and paper regulatory solutions for clinical trials.

All PRN companies have dedicated contract and financial teams, with extensive experience reviewing Clinical Trial Agreements. We aim to provide our first response to an initial CTA request within 2-5 days, depending on the complexity of the trial.

When you work with multiple PRN investigators, we provide your contract team with a single point-of-contact to negotiate contract language and a budget. As a network, our teams work together to provide a streamlined process to achieve Master Service Agreements (MSA) and Master Clinical Trial Agreements (MCTA) with our clients.

Recruitment and Retention

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For Platinum Research Network, recruitment planning starts before the Pre-Study Visit. You can expect our clinical teams to present you with a recruitment strategy for consideration during Site Identification. Execution of the recruitment strategy starts immediately upon study award.

Every PRN Site is supported by dedicated patient recruitment teams who create marketing materials for IRB approval, who optimize usage of centrally provided materials, and most importantly – who work closely with our investigators to recruit participants from their private practices via EMRs and during daily office visits.

Platinum’s goal is to enroll your first study participant and to have multiple subjects ready to screen for your study as soon as we have received a green light following site activation.

We believe that excellent retention starts with informed consent – ensuring that enrolled subjects fully understand the visit schedule and other commitments in addition to risks and benefits. Our sites deploy technology to facilitate patient visit reminders, and stay directly engaged with our subjects between visits to support retention. Medical transportation is offered to every subject for every visit. Moreover, PRN Investigators are committed to recruiting clinical trial participants directly from their private practices which greatly supports retention efforts.


While each of our Clinical Research Companies operates independently, you can expect the same high-quality service across all sites in our organization. Each company has developed and maintained Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on an ongoing basis to ensure that the highest levels of quality and safety are delivered on every trial.

All PRN sites utilize the same Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) to manage every enrolled clinical trial subject’s participation through completion of the clinical trial. Our CTMS includes advanced features such as visit-window management, patient screening, and study visit reminder calls.

Platinum Research Network Sites operate similarly with respect to local study coordination. Each study is assigned to a lead coordinator to serve as a central point of contact to your CRA and project team. The lead is responsible for optimization of source documentation, data entry, query resolution, and protocol compliance during every study visit. An entire clinical team including coordinators, lab technicians, pharmacy staff, and data entry coordinators supports each clinical trial lead. The clinical team remains engaged in ongoing training from the SIV through the close-out visit.

You can expect a Platinum Research Network representative to check in with your project team or site engagement managers to provide support during day-to-day study operations, and to ensure that you are happy with our performance.

Quality Assurance

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Each PRN Clinical Research Company has developed a Quality Assurance program specific to their organization. Across the board, our sites are committed to being “audit ready” at all times.

To support these efforts, clinical research training is standardized across all employees within the organization at the time of employment, and throughout each team member’s tenure. You can expect our investigators to be engaged in ongoing, documented training from the SIV through study close-out. Up-to-date GCP training certificates are available upon request.

Platinum Research Network sites have highly developed QA processes and dedicated QA teams who provide quality checks for informed consent, source completion, and data entry. Queries and monitoring reports are reviewed by QA and site operations managers to ensure delivery on our obligations.