Who We Are

Platinum Research Network was formed in 2014 as a solution for our research companies and clients alike. Our network consists of highly-experienced Clinical Research Companies who share a common goal of delivering high quality data and predictable enrollment for clinical trials. Below you will find more information about our research companies and we encourage you to visit their websites to learn more. See a map of our locations here →

Our Research Companies



MedPharmics was established in 2012 as a small research site in New Orleans by Dr. Robert Jeanfreau, owner and certified Principal Investigator. Dr. Jeanfreau has more than a quarter century experience as a board-certified Internist. Overseeing clinical trials since 2006, Dr. Jeanfreau earned his certification as a PI through ACRP in 2008. MedPharmics was founded on the basic premise that if we worked hard and treated the staff fairly, we would succeed. MedPharmics now also has sites in Biloxi, MS; Phoenix, AZ; and Albuquerque, NM.



Meridian Clinical Research

Founded in 1999, Meridian Clinical Research is headquartered at its dedicated research center in Omaha, NE, and conducts Phase I-IV studies at investigative sites across North America. Meridian supports research in numerous therapeutic areas, and specializes in high-volume vaccine trials. Meridian conducts clinical studies at 18 locations across 9 cities. Each Meridian site features a certified clinical physician and dedicated research personnel.



Regional Clinical Research

Since 1996, Regional Clinical Research’s mission has been to conduct safe and effective clinical research for our Patients and Sponsors. Clinical Research is a specialty that offers another option for health care. Regional consists of specially trained Physicians, Nurses and staff imbedded in Physician offices throughout the Southern Tier of New York. The health and safety of our patients is always our primary focus. Careful study selection reflects Regional’s belief that each trial must be of value to patients, as well as the medical community itself.



Sterling Research

Founded in 1999, Sterling Research has approximately 30 employees including five Principal Investigators and two well-equipped clinical research locations to better serve the Cincinnati, Ohio metro-area. Sterling’s original location in Mt. Auburn is close to downtown and within blocks of several main hospitals. Sterling’s Springdale research center is conveniently located one block from the interstate and is associated with an urgent care center located across the street.



Sundance Clinical Research

Sundance Clinical Research was founded in 2005 to serve the community of St. Louis and help advance drug development. Our state-of-the-art, dedicated, multi-specialty research facility works to test new treatments during the multi-phase research and development process. Sundance’s mission is to provide exceptional research services to their patients and clients. Experienced, dedicated research teams deliver timely, accurate data to improve the quality of treatment for people all over the world.



Tekton Research

Founded in 2006, Tekton Research is a clinical research site that focuses on the conduct of clinical trials for pharmaceutical and device companies with deliberate concentration on knowledge, skills and integrity. All staff will be well trained in order to carry out daily functions of the company while meeting the standards of the company in delivering services. Processes are implemented to insure validity and consistency in procedures and services. A unique focus on personal growth and utilization of strengths helps individuals achieve personal goals, as well as goals of the company.



Ventavia Research Group

Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Ventavia Research Group was established by a vision to create a research company that would provide exceptional services to the clinical trial industry. This vision included three key factors: producing the highest quality data, ensuring subject safety, and only hiring professionals with unmeasurable integrity. Ventavia now operates in multiple specialties and cities across the DFW and Houston Metro Areas.