PRN Investigators and Clinical Teams attend Meridian Clinical Research's Annual Training Meeting

Meridian Clinical Research held its 4th annual Investigator Training Meeting July 12-14, 2018 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Platinum Research Network encourages ongoing investigator and clinical team training at every level of research experience.

Per Meridian Clinical Research, “More than 150 attended the event, including 50 principal investigators and sub-investigators. Physicians from all 18 Meridian sites attended, along with representatives from each of Platinum Research Network’s seven companies.”

The training took place over two full days and included topics centered around data quality assurance, clinical operations, patient recruitment, and use of technology in clinical trials. Speakers included representatives from sponsors, CROs, Platinum Research Network, and leadership teams from PRN’s seven clinical research companies.

Once again, PRN would like to thank Meridian Clinical Research for extending the invitation to our wider network. All seven research companies in the network have already made plans for the next meeting in 2019.

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